Throwback to the 90s

Grunge, hip hop and pop were huge influences in music and films like Clueless, Empire Records and 10 Things I hate About You decided what we wore.


Spice girls introduced us to Girl Power and an array of hairstyles. The release of TV comedy Friends not only had us all in hysterics but also all wearing the same haircut as The Rachel was born.


The Hair Cut

The biggest hair cut at the time was “The Rachel” made famous by Jennifer Aniston for her part of Rachel Green in TV Sitcom Friends. In 1994 Chris McMillan was the hairdresser who created this look with the emphasis on lots of layers and blow dried with a large round brush for plenty of volume and a strong styling mousse.


The Trend

Scrunchies (Layered Online) were the number one hair accessory of the 90s and the more you could fit in your hair the better, Now the scrunchie is back (weather your a fan or not, it’s causing quite the debate).

Pre GHD hair straighteners we were all crimping getting that zig-zag effect in your hair was the look on every girl. This year GHD has brought out GHD Contour Crimper .


The Idols
The big celebrity idols of the 90s for the boys was either lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain with long floppy unwashed grunge hair or Nick from the boyband Backstreet Boys looked like American boy next door with cute blonde locks, curtain haircut and center parting.


The girls idolised lead singer of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani with bleached hair, twisted into tiny, little buns and rockstar fashion or Drew Barrymore with a perfectly blown out flicked out hair.

These were all some of the hottest trends, but nothing says 90s hair like the biggest icon of the time Kate Moss and her undone textured hair.

The casual London trend of “I woke up looking like this,” style influenced by the era of grunge, where the bedhead trend originally came from and had a massive impact on hair, fashion and music at the time.