Salon Etiquette


Going to the salon should be a relaxing experience, a bit of “me” time however these days with busy lifestyles, phones constantly pinning with notifications and kids hanging from the ceiling can we really RELAX? 

We have put together a list of salons do’s and don’ts to help you and the other people around you enjoy the “me” time. 

  1. Don’t: Be late! Salons prefer clients to be at least 10 mins early if not then be on time.

 2. DO: Take your phone or tablet to the salon (just put it on silent/ low volume/headphones)

3. Don’t: Answer your phone while the stylist is cutting your hair or washing your hair. Your either going to lose an ear or get your phone wet !!

4. Do: Take pictures, if you see something you like or find it difficult to describe take the pic to the stylist. If they think it won’t work they will tell you.


5. DO: Wash your hair before going to the salon, it’s a myth that “on the day you have hair colour it takes better on un washed hair.”  

6. Do: Pick it up, if your stylist doesn’t tell you what they are using put it in front of you.

7. Do: Take the kids if you really can’t get a sitter there’s always a seat for them and they will refreshments and in salon tablet.

8. Don’t: Take the kids if they are going to be sat 3 hours while you have your highlights done. They will be bored and they will shout/cry and ruin other customers experience.

9. DO: Tip If your happy with the service tip the stylist or the assistant.

10. Do RELAX !! This is the time to get pampered be taken care of and leave feeling fantastic !!


This is the time to get pampered be taken care of and leave feeling fantastic !!





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